Our guest rooms in the Tarn region are the perfect starting point to discover Castres, Albi and its surroundings.


In Castres :

River boat ride Coche d’eau “Le Miredame”: Embark aboard this ancient wooden river coach that once roamed the rivers and the canals pitched by horses for a peaceful navigation in the direction of the park of the Courjade. Discover the banks The river Agout and the amazing view of the famous multicolored wooden houses which have made the reputation of Castres.

The markets (les marchés):  Castres is a region rich in culinary traditions and you will discover many colorful markets that offer a variety of local products or local specialties.

The Italian Municipal Theater of Castres ( Théâtre Municipal de Castres) is a magnificent Italian Rococo monument, inaugurated in 1904.

The Goya Museum (Musée Goya), the second museum of Hispanic art in France behind the Louvre offer a unique presentation of paintings by great Spanish masters such as Goya (The Portrait of Francisco Del Mazo, The Assembly of the Philippines), Velázquez, Pacheco, Miro and Picasso.

The National Centere (Centre National) and the Jean Jaurès Museum (Musée Jean Jaurès): Born in Castres in 1859, Jean Jaures has his own statue wich dominates the place of the same name. Recognized as a great man of the nation, now buried in the Pantheon, the town of Castres wanted to pay tribute to the illustrious character at the National Center and  the Jean Jaures Museum in Castres.

The Archéopole (l’Archéopole), located in the middle of the park of the Gourjade, the Center of Studies and Archaeological Investigation of Castres (CERAC) offers guided tours to discover the furniture found by the archaeologists on the nearby Gallo-Roman site.

The Saint Jacques (L’Eglise Saint Jacques) The Saint Jacques church on the left bank of the Agout, dating from the 14th century for its belfry and from the 17th century evokes the passage of the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela.

Saint Benedict’s Cathedral (La Cathédrale Saint Benoît) from the 16th century is classified as an historical monument and offers an exhibition of paintings by painters of the Toulouse school dating from the 17th and 16th centuries. Unique vestige of the original abbey, the Saint Benedict tower of Romanesque style remains one of the oldest buildings in Castres.

The Gourjade Leisure Park (Le Parc de Loisir de la Gourjade) located about 3 km from the city center of the Gourjade park offers 53 hectares of greenery and relaxation area, a golf course, mini golf, tennis courts, a swimming pool, an ice rink, a restaurant, picnic areas, an archeology center and a plain for walks and orienteering.

Le Sidobre :

Enjoy magical moments traveling through the lands of the Sidobre massif and its granite rocks that miraculously balance and naturally take fantastic shapes.

The medieval city of Carcassonne

The city of Albi with the majestic cathedral of Sainte Cécile

The medieval village of Cordes sur ciel

The cascades and the old castle of Arifat